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Cuvée Cabassaou Red

The Cabassaou cuvée (ça cabasse = gives a hefty punch) is from a terroir with small stone walls, at the bottom of the Tourtine, protected from the Mistral wind. The vines benefit from a very warm micro-climate with thermal winds. Paradoxically the vines are located at the bottom of the hill but the soil is not deep and the yields are very small. They give a very dense, tight wine, typically Mourvèdre , with an exceptional aging potential.


Mourvèdre (92 to 94%), with Syrah and a bit of Cinsault
Average age of the vines : 60 years minimum



the grapes are hand-selected in the vineyard and in the cellar; de-stemmed, crushed and put into concrete vats for 3 or 4 weeks to ferment thanks to indigenous yeasts


In large oak vats for 18 months before being bottled.
Conservation : 10 years or more (time to let the wine flourish).