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The harvest in 2017 at domaine Tempier Bandol
Vintage 2017

"No global warming? Very few winegrowers would agree, in the light of the early harvest dates. 2017 gives ample credence to the phenomenon since we ended the harvest on 12 September! In the 60s and 70s, the harvest would start around 25 September and sometimes in October. This year, once again, we started in August, on 22 August.

Harvest 2015  Domaine Tempier
Impressions of the 2015 vintage

Everybody knows that  2015 has been the hottest year since temperatures have been recorded, so  an early harvest would seem quite obvious.

However for us, on the Mediterranean coast, we don’t see it the same way. In fact after a very wet winter that brought massive water supplies and filled up the water table, the dry spring period didn’t seem as hot as in other regions. As in 2014, the water supplies were good, even excellent, with rainfalls twice as heavy as on average.

Vintage 2016

"Every year we try to look for similarities and compare the new vintage with the previous ones. And every year we have to admit that the each one is unique and 2016 is no exception to the rule.

After the end of 2015 harvest it rained several times, but not a lot and that was followed by a mild, dry winter.

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