Something happens when you go through the domain’s entrance.

like a standstill in our breathless life, awakening senses.

At first glimpse your eye is caught by these vines, where the land is ploughed with so much care and consideration… because of this, we take our time to listen the nature in order to create and share charismatic Bandol wines.
Breathe this Mediterranean air, Open these History filled bottles and let yourself be captured …


It all starts with the heart of Bandol land, in an amphitheatre of hills and terraces diving up to the shores of the Mediterranean sea. The exceptional sunshine, the breeze coming from the sea and the Mistral wind offer a perfect balance between wind and rain…


Tempier Spirit

In our domain, the care of truly passionate team members is expressed with simplicity. Driven by the liking of work and respect of our terroir, it carries on Lulu and Lucien’ spirit, that is to say create authentic wines in which strength and delicacy mingle.   



The domain produces a small amount of single vineyards in order to reveal the quality of the terroirs and old settled down vines. Red, rosé or white wines, everyone will be seduced by these wines which have been created to be shared.


Our team

In the vines, the cellar or the domain, everyone perpetuates the reputation of great wines from Bandol. All of them simply express the pleasure to create and to share them.



Tempier is a story of a family that continues to care about the estate’s activity. The family that loves to remember a time when everything was yet to be built, those heroic times when Lucien and Lulu were involved in the birth of the great wines of Bandol.