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Domaine Tempier

The Peyraud family
The Peyraud family

The Peyraud family (at the back is Daniel Ravier, the estate’s manager). “Domaine Tempier is a very fine ship sailing in an age when holding one’s course is no easy task. The Peyraud family is the very fine crew at the helm of the ship on the famous label that continues the tradition of carrying the renown and the colours of Bandol wines to far-off places.”
(Daniel Minassian in Provence Méditerranée Magazine)

Daniel Ravier - Directeur domaine Tempier
Daniel Ravier

François and Jean-Marie have now handed over the reins to Daniel Ravier. An agricultural engineer from Savoie, Daniel knows the Bandol terroir inside out and carries on the Peyrauds’ work by continuing to promote Mourvedre. Driven by the same spirit of meticulousness and quest for quality as the family, Daniel runs Domaine Tempier with their support, and continues to strengthen the reputation of its wines.

Daniel Ravier - Manager domaine Tempier - Harvest check up
Daniel Ravier - Manager domaine Tempier
Daniel Ravier - Manager domaine Tempier
Daniel Ravier - Harvest check up
Nathalie Sotkine - Communication domaine Tempier
Nathalie Sotkine

Nathalie is responsible for the company’s accounts, communications and relations with importers worldwide. She has also been involved in creating this website, and scoured every corner of the Domaine to find some of the photos featured on it.

Véronique Peyraud Rougeot - Dégustation sur le libellule Annecy
Véronique Peyraud Rougeot
Julia Inard d'Argence domaine Tempier
Julia Inard d'Argence