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Domaine Tempier

Bandol Tempier barrel in the ageing cellar
The ageing cellar

Domaine Tempier remains faithful to the tradition of ageing wine in barrels, and continues to respect the AOC Bandol ruling of November 1941 that defines the ageing and conservation conditions for Bandol wines.
Originally set at 24 months, the 1941 ruling reduced the minimum ageing period for reds to 18 months.

After vinification, Domaine Tempier reds are left to mature in oak barrels that hold 25 to 50 hectolitres, with the largest able to hold 8,000 litres. In our constant quest for quality, the barrels are replaced with new ones from various suppliers as and when necessary.
Sales of the red wines cannot begin until the start of May in the second year after harvest. For this reason, the cellar is large enough to house two consecutive vintages. The temperature and hygrometry are controlled using air conditioning and humidifiers. 

Blind in-house tastings take place several times a year to determine whether or not the wines are ready for racking and to check the condition of the containers.

The atmosphere in the underground barrel room is mysterious and peaceful. New and old barrels lie majestically side by side while the alchemy of winemaking takes place within. Some visitors love to stroke the wood and inhale the aromas it gives off. Others try to picture the “angels’ share” (the portion of the wine lost to evaporation during ageing) or imagine they can hear the wine breathing. 

Barrels 50 hecto Bandol Tempier
Big oak barrel 80 hecto Bandol Tempier
Oak barrel 80 hecto Bandol Tempier
Cellar Bandol Tempier
Oak barrel Bandol
Oak barrels Bandol
Oak barrels 50 hecto Bandol Tempier
Oak barrels Bandol Tempier
Inside Oak barrels domaine Tempier